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ATASHI is the solution

  • Sensitive skin affects 11 million Spaniards and this number increases every year.
  • 60% of treatments for sensitive skins are recommended in the pharmacy. According to the results of recent market research DATAMONITOR 2014, consumers seek to eliminate stress in personal care cosmetics. They wish to soothe their skins like a Valium to release their stress with their cosmetics of daily use , which contain scientific agents which reduce facial muscle tension and have fragrances that envelope them, relax and release daily stress.
  • atashi is the only premium cosmetic which combines a corrective anti- aging action with a stress liberating action, soothing the skin.
  • Cutaneous hyperactivity is a reduced skin tolerance threshold caused by an alteration of the activity of the nerves in the skin. The barrier function suffers a deterioration.



bad habits



itching and irritation

lack of flexibility

atashi has developed a new concept: sensorial cosmetics, defined as cosmetics through the senses.
Recent studies have shown that lack of relaxation and skin aging are directly related. atashi combines cosmetics and relaxation in each product, with one goal, your beauty.
It is a range of high-end cosmetics, with organic and hypoallergenic ingredients, especially created for sensitive skins from 30+, dry, very dry, oily and mature.
Shows the way for the skin to find balance to recover all of its splendour.
Inspired by the Japanese culture of skin care that seeks beauty through relaxation and sensory and dermatological balance.
Reveal a new way to achieve a healthy, relaxed and rejuvenated skin.
Hypoallergenic formulae, developed under dermatological control and paraben free.

Soothing ingredient which liberates endorphins giving calmness and wellbeing to the skin, eliminating stress and premature aging caused by the damage thereof.
Cutaneous smoothing and reduction of micro- contractions `caused by facial muscles in moments of tension, anxiety or nervousness.