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PROTECTIVE Champú Protector

The Protector Shampoo from the PROTECTIVE range from the CLEARÉ INSTITUTE, both repairs and protects the hair and scalp from any major damage caused by environmental aggressions (dryness, dullness, weakness …), and UV radiation (fading, damage to the cuticles, loss of colour …) achieving as a result repaired hair, having both a soft and radiant shine, and taking care not to damage the scalp.

Protection. Halts any damage caused by environmental stress, while also maintaining the strength and colour of the hair.
Strength and volume. The Creatine stimulates cellular energy metabolism and repairs hair from within, providing both greater elasticity and strength.
Moisturization and shine. Its cleansing agents, gentle and emollient, permit the cleansing of the hair while maintaining its ecosystem at the same time.
  • With the hair styl damp,massage into scalp and rinse out. Apply a second application, and then rinse thoroughly.