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Nutritional shampoo from VITALITÉ 250 ml.

The Nutritional Shampoo from the VITALITÉ range from the CLEARÉ INSTITUTE, nourishes, hydrates and protects the hair with 100% efficiency, thanks to its enriched formula with NutriCapil.

The hair recovers its thickness, looking strong and healthy. NutriCapil formulated with Zn, Vit B, P. Ginseng and A. majus( snapdragon), stimulates the synthesis of proteins of the hair fibre and the microcirculation of the hair bulb improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients.
Cleanliness and respect for the scalp. A Dermo-protective cleansing agent which exerts a gentle cleansing action without irritating the scalp, obtaining a glossy finish, besides achieving a hydrated scalp.
Stronger hair with more volume. An Amino acid which boosts volume and increases the number of electrostatic bridges in the interior of the fibres, enhancing flexibility, strength and elasticity.
Protection. El D-panthenol affords the hair a lasting moisturizing effect, preventing hair damage generated by environmental stress (pollution, UV radiation, the use of hair dryers) giving a glossy shine to the hair and reducing the formation of split ends . The hair becomes flexible and resistant.
  • Apply the shampoo, massage and rinse.
  • Respect/repeat this process and leave it to work for 2 to 3 minutes. For frequent use ( 3 times a week).