Anti hair loss Treatment VITALITÉ 14 phials 10 ml.

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Anti hair loss Treatment VITALITÉ 14 phials 10 ml.

The Anti-hair Loss Phials as part of the VITALITÉ range from the CLEARÉ INSTITUTE, prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth, while also helping to combat hair loss by improving 60% of hair strength and 70% of hair health.

The Anti-hair Loss treatment in Phials as part of the VITALITÉ range, consists of two distinct phases which form a powerful combination of main ingredients which prevent hair loss, and which both strengthen and stimulate hair growth

Strength and volume. The phial A, nutritional phase, is formulated with Capigen®, a complex agent rich in homotaurine and sulphomucopolysaccarides which nourish the hair from within.
Curbs hair loss. The phial B strengthens, rejuvenates and prevents any hair loss effectively using active Procapil®, which is made with a base of:

  • Oleanolic acid: Inhibits 5?-reductase.
  • Apigenin: improves microcirculation.
  • Biotinyl GHK: Stimulates cell metabolism.
  • Apply to dry scalp at night,massaging in small circular movements over the entire area. Begin treatment on the first day with ampoule A – cleanser, sebum regulator and root bulb protector – which cleanses and prepares the scalp. On the second day apply ampoule B – stimulator and toner for hair metabolism – using the same method, and continue alternating the ampoules every day for a month. We recommend combining this with CLEARÉ INSTITUTE® Anti Hair Loss Shampoo to wash your hair over the course of the treatment, using it at least twice a week. This treatment can be used for both men’s and women’s hair. It is recommended for use to boost protection during periods of: seasonal change, poor diet, post-natal alopecia, seborrheic alopecia, summer holidays, stress, exhaustion, etc…. Practical and safe to use (nonglass).