VITALITÉ Anti sebum treatment in 14 phials of 10 ml.

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VITALITÉ Anti sebum treatment in  14 phials of 10 ml.

The anti-sebum treatment in Phials from the VITALITÉ ,normalises the secretion of sebum caused by the sebaceous glands in the scalp by reducing both their size and activity.

Normalizes oils. The exclusive marine derived concentrate Xtra Soya Protein, rich in peptides, homotaurine, and sulphomucopolysaccarides which acts by regulating seborrhea often involved in hair loss processes. It contributes to the hygiene and resistance of the hair and scalp stimulating their regeneration, and slowing down hair loss and increasing speed of growth.
Stronger hair with more volume. Creatine, an amino acid with a volumizer effect which increases the number of electrostatic bridges in the interior of the fibre, increasing its flexibility, strength, and volume.
Protection. D-panthenol provides the hair with a lasting moisturized effect , preventing hair damage generated by environmental stress( pollution, UV radiation, the use of hair dryers) giving the hair a glossy shine and reducing the formation of split ends. The hair becomes flexible and resistant.
Hidratacion y confort del cuero cabelludo. Moisturization and scalp comfort.
  • Apply every other day at night to a dry scalp, massaging in small circular movements over the whole area until fully absorbed.
  • In the mornings, wash your hair using the Vitalité line shampoo at least three times a week.
  • Depending upon the severity, the treatment can be extended for up to two months.