PROTECTIVE Protective conditioning mousse 150 ml

The Protective conditioning no rinse mousse is an innovative treatment which protects and repairs the hair from environmental stress giving softness, moisturization and a radiant shine to the surface of the hair fibre.

Protection against the sun. Crodasorb UV- HPP®, protects the hair from the damage caused by environmental stress maintaining strength and hair colour.
Healthier hair. Creatine (derivative of a natural amino acid), stimulates energetic cell metabolism and repairs the hair from within giving it greater elasticity and moisturization.
Moisturization. El D- panthenol applied to the hair is converted into pantothenic acid, an indispensable factor for the health and growth of the hair. It provides the hair with lasting moisturization , preventing hair damage generated by environmental stress and reduces the formation of split ends.

  • Apply frequently after each wash, drying the hair lightly with a towel and massaging the scalp at the roots. Dry naturally or with a hair dryer.