atashi cellular cosmetics

A state of the art, innovative, anti-aging treatment formulated
from Gardenia Jasminoide Stem Cells and extracts of Black Pearl.

  • atashi cellular cosmetics are born inspired by the continuous quest for eternal beauty.
  • The first line of high-end cosmetics specifically created for sensitive skins for the over 40s.
  • An effective treatment to combat and repair the signs of the passing of time in stressed, hypersensitive and reactive skins.

An innovative state of the art anti-aging treatment : cellular atashi cosmetics, formulated from Gardenia Jasminoide stem cells and extracts of Black Pearl, two 100% organic ingredients, from the vast plains and mountains of Asia and the depths of the turquoise waters of the French Polynesia, able to regenerate and restore the skin’s radiance and a youthful and healthy look.


Anti wrinkle repair serum

Ultra concentrated treatment designed to correct all signs of aging. Every drop of serum penetrates right into the nucleus of the cells allowing the skin to be reborn from within providing a unique three-dimensional lifting effect.

atashi-anti-wrinkle repair

A treatment designed to reduce deep wrinkles, acts at cellular level, reactivating collagen production processes and erasing expression lines generated by stress. It gives the skin a deep anti wrinkle corrective action with a reconstructive and redensifying effect.

Renewal Aha Fruit Acids

Treatments designed to reactivate cellular processes. Regenerates skin from within, dermal protection systems are activated thereby improving resistance to premature aging. Cell renewal, deep action, smoother and softer skin. The size of the pores are decreased.

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